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"Are you in the stands as a spectator, observing or rooting on others?  Or, ...Are you on the playing field, where the action really is?" -Paul Donihue


You can forge your own path and reach your peak in your  life.  This book will help you understand why life coaching is so important and how making some changes can mean new possibilities, new opportunities and a new you.

Personal Life Coaching

We all struggle at times with roles, relationships and responsibilities.  In this hectic topsy turvy world, someone to walk along side us to guide and make some sense of it all helps tremendously.

Career Building

Want to know how to go to the next level in your career? Want to know where your personal life fits in to your career?  Want to know how to deal with difficult issues and people on the job?  Want to know your value profile?

Goal Setting

Let's face it.  We don't set goals let alone "big hairy audacious goals."  And, if we make them, we do not know how to accomplish our goals.

Relationship Coaching

No one should live in a vacuum.  No one should live alone on an island. We are people of relationships. Dating, Married/Significan Other, Family, Work.  And oftentimes one or more of those relationships is contentious to say the least. Our lives would be better if we had better relationships.

Stress Management

There is "good" stress and "bad" stress.  How we deal with each affects the kind of life we live. In this fractured world, we allow the stress of "living" to overwhelm us.

Career Advice

What do I do when I hate my job?  How can I begin to do what I really love to do?  How can I strike out and change my career?  What will others say? Does it matter?

What Is Life Coaching?

The word "Mentor" is very popular today. A mentor is "someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself," according to Oprah Winfrey

It's all about "accountability."  With Life Coaching there is at least three areas of concentration:

  1. Motivation
  2. Education
  3. Inspiration

Life Coaching is about accountability to help you achieve within yourself more than you think is possible at the present. It is helping one to pull the very best out of themselves.


What Is A Trusted Advisor?

Since 2008 Paul Donihue has been a Trusted Advisor to multiple businesses, their owners, and managers. His business, Today's Biz Solutions, a small to medium sized business solutions company went nationwide in less than 18 months. TBS (Today's Biz Solutions) helps businesses earn top line revenue and bottom line profits.

As a  Trusted Advisor, he walks alongside owners/maagers to help them with basic business priorities, branding, and marketing.  The motto of TBS is "Taking You From Where You Are ...To Where You Want To Go." The question is: "Where Do You Want To Go?"

"Success is not a given or a right. Success happens with hard work and focus!"

- Paul Donihue

What is The Process Like?

You will meet one on one with your coach. Depending on where your location is, it can be a one on one session in person or via a video conference session. (Sessions via technology MUST be done by VIDEO conferencing.

Sessions are between 60-90 minutes long and can be longer,  if mutually agreed upon.  After the value profile is taken and the intake session is held, a plan of action will be CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU and agreed upon.

Of course, actual process of each individual, depends not only one the client and their needs but the kind of coaching required.

1. Start By Taking A Value Profiles Assessment

A Value Profiles Analysis is NOT a personality test.  It is an analysis that looks at your personal values and suggests a pathway ahead for your life.  We then have you take a profile on the position in a career you hold or want to have.

2. An intake session as we go over your profile(s)

We take a significant amount of time getting to know you and going over the profile and pathway with you. This is an incredibly valuable time, not to be taken lightly.  The report that is yours is quite long and very detailed.

3. Customized Plan of Action

Each coaching client has different needs and different requests for coaching/consulting. Following the Intake Session, a Customized Plan of Action is made.

4. Process evaluations will be conducted during the coaching period

As the plan of action is instituted and the client begins their process of initiating the changes, process evaluations are made.

5. Resource material is available and encouraged to help in making changes and/or improvement/decisions

Your coach or trusted advisor will suggest resources and helps that are either provided on the Best Life Institute site or other pertinent material. You may get access to material not yet available on BLI.

Coaching Packages

For individuals serious about seeing change in their lives.

2 Week Coaching Package

This is basic introductory coaching.  You will take the values profiles and we will share the results with you.  You will be presented a personal pathfinder profile.  We will outline basic areas of needed attention and make recommendations.

More Details

A minimum of two sessions will be conducted along with the ability of the client to have up to two 30 min phone consultations.

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4 Week Coaching Package

Not only will we include the two week coaching process we will elaborate the recommendations with a detailed plan of action. We will get agreement on the plan of action from the client and suggest recommended resources.

More Details

A minimum of four sessions will be conducted along with the ability of the client to have up to four additional 30 min phone consultations.

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8 Week Coaching Package

We will include the two week and four week package and then monitor the progress of the client during the remaining four weeks.  An evaluation of success will be made with recommended course of action.

More Details

A minimum of eight sessions will be conducted along with the ability of the client to have up to eight additional 30 min phone consultations.

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About Me

Let me begin by saying that I have spent a lifetime (well over 45 years) helping people improve themselves or their situations.

I served large and growing congregations as a Pastor for some 23 years. For nearly 10 years I led a sales organization as a salesperson, manager, as well as upper management.  I know what it is like to be in the trenches as an employee, dealing with management and as a manager dealing with employees.

An owner of two companies I know what it is like to make "big hairy audacious goals" and to strive to achieve them. I understand what it takes to be fulfilled in your career.

As a husband married for 49 years I have seen what it takes to have fulfilling relationships with a spouse, children, adult children and grandchildren.

I have dealt with individuals suffering through grief of loss of a  loved one and from loss of a job/career. As a certified trainer, I have taught several series  of 72 hours of life skills, anger management and trauma from abuse.

As a Trusted Advisor I have helped multiple companies and owners/managers grow their businesses and learn new skills to move them forward in their careers.

My aim in life is to make a significant difference in the lives of people who want change in their lives.



Published Books

"11 Ways To Kill Your Business ...And The Keys To Save It." 2007   

Love Your Job!"2010  

"People Journey." 2016  

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