Paul E Donihue,

Life Coach / Trusted Advisor

A Life Coach and Trusted Advisor since 2008, Paul has extensive experience working with people.  For 23 years, as a Pastor, he served congregations in Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Known as a caring and compassionate person, he has  helped thousands of people and many businesses be all that they wanted to be, and more.

A prolific writer, he has written multiple books, both on business, photography (he is a professional photographer),  and lifestyle books, as well as many articles and turn-key systems.

A public speaker, he has served as retreat speaker and seminar speaker numerous times.  As a trusted advisor, his clientele is nationwide.

Wanting the very best for people,  Paul owns Bedrock Alliance Group, Inc, Today's Biz Solutions and is creator of Best Life Institute.  A certified Developer of ROKU channels, Paul owns several channels and develops channels for others.

Check out his Life Coach / Trusted Advisor site at http://PaulDonihue.com.

Steve Fox, Associate

Coach/Trusted Advisor

Steve has been an active Coach and Trusted Advisor since 1989. He was blessed to serve hundreds of global organizations, gaining and then leveraging extensive experience in management consulting and executive coaching.

As a writer and Trusted Advisor, he has written several books and published many papers.

He has also had several speaking engagements, including keynote addresses throughout the Asia Pacific area..

Having a passion for helping small- and mid-sized companies and their employees succeed, Steve started several highly-focused companies:

  • Gom Publishing, LLC (2003), a book publishing firm helping unpublished authors "get into print."
  • The iCCCAN Project, LLC (2012), a holding company for all new businesses.
  • Stephen Fox Consultancy (2016), providing management consulting, executive coaching, and thought leadership to small and mid-size firms and their employees.

Check out his Coach/Trusted Advisor site at stephenfoxconsulting.com.

People are searching today for fulfillment, meaning, peace, and a successful life.  Unfortunately, they are not always finding it.

That is why Best Life Institute was conceived and born.  Out of his consulting and business relationships, Paul Donihue felt a need to help the individual person be "the very best they could be." Well known as one who "throws the box away" and is not confined to "box thinking," Paul has again expanded into offering individuals the ability to get lifestyle changing material without breaking the bank.

BLI, or Best Life Institute, is that vehicle to continue his quest to help people.


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Paul Donihue

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