I know a lot of people that will not look at themselves in the mirror.  Most of the time it is because they do not like what they see? "Bags," "spots," "wrinkles," etc...  But really it may be because they have a poor self-image. 

It might have been Coldplay who sang those fateful words that nobody said it was easy. Sadly, no one ever explained just how hard it would be--to change, that it.  There are probably plenty of things about yourself that you  would like to change, and they seem small, inconsequential even, especially to others. Yet, you want to change them because you feel that these changes combined could really help you move forward in life.

Whether large or small, something always seems to prevent you from following through, though.

Well, here is something to internalize. Instead of framing the change in baby steps we get caught up in the grandiosity of our plans. So, stop thinking you can change in a day or a week.  It takes at least 30 days to create the beginning of a habit (90 days to insure it.)  

You have heard it said that to eat an elephant, you need to do it, "one bite at a time." Take baby steps, or take one bite at a time.  And see change begin to happen to you.